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Digital Thrust is a performance marketing agency built on the premise that business should be about getting results, and having fun while doing it.

We help businesses create and scale profitable marketing campaigns that actually work.

The old ways of spamming the masses are ineffective. Targeted, authentic marketing is the only path that leads to success.

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01 05 2023

The Background
Sockathon is a unique online fundraising service. Users design custom socks, then sell them on a personal online store. Sockathon handles production and shipping. Half of all profits go to Sockathon, and half to support a cause. With Sockathon, creativity becomes charity, raising significant funds for causes globally.

The Work
The funnel was designed to capture leads which would be converted on a sales call. In discussions with the client, we decided Facebook and Instagram was the ideal starting point. The campaign was wildly successful.

The Results
In the first 1.5 years:
  • We generated 17,618 leads generated over 1.5 years at an average CPL of $2.5
  • Sales team conversions averaged 23%
  • The leads generated millions in revenue for the client

Bat Speed Recon

01 05 2023

The Background
Bat Speed Recon sells a product that helps baseball players consistently improve the speed of their bat swing. Sales were suffering for the client and they were only seeing 1 - 2 conversions a month from organic traffic.

The Work
We scoped the project and found many keywords that had reasonable competition, high buyer intent, and good monthly search volume. We formulated a strategy on how we would rank these keywords and we executed the plan.

The Results
In the first 7 months we achieved:
  • 822% increase in monthly organic traffic
  • 405% increase in page views
  • 15 keywords are on the first page (started at zero)
  • Organic sales grew from a 1-2 a month (peak season) to 3-4 a week (season end)


01 05 2023

The Background
Hard To Kill is a fitness brand that sells training programs designed to get people in the best shape of their lives. For our strategy, we needed to find a way to have them differentiated from other fitness brands. We developed a ‘military-style training’ angle and launched campaigns designed to increase the sales of their programs.

The Work
We launched Facebook / IG campaigns for each product. We focused on creating ‘lifestyle’ videos and images for the creatives as well as amplifying the need to get in shape due to the pandemic. After some testing, we also took on a ‘pro-American’ attitude which resonated with the target avatar.

The Results
In the first 6 months we achieved:
  • An average of 5x ROAS
  • Over $300,000 in sales
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We offer performance marketing campaigns with guaranteed results. Let’s unlock your marketing and breathe life into your story. Your customers are waiting for you.

Facebook &
Instagram Advertising

We’ll help you created targeted SMM campaigns that have your customers sliding down a slippery funnel. From A-Z we’ll build and scale your campaigns. All you have to do is turn the key.

PPC Lead Generation

The Pipe Is Life. Fill your CRM and calendar with leads so you never have to worry about whether or not you can afford Guacamole at Chipotle.

Offer & Funnel Optimization

The offer is King. Want to know a secret? The way to get 10x return on ad spend isn’t just tweaking headlines or graphics. It’s building an offer that people feel stupid saying no to. We can help.

Marketing and
Sales Consulting

To date, we’ve generated over $5 million for our clients. We’ve even consulted 8 and 10 figure businesses. We’ll help you create a plan of attack to make sure you’re bringing home the Benjamins.


Not Your Average Agency.
We Actually Give a F$@#.
Our commitment goes beyond metrics; it's deeply rooted in our core values:
We value honesty and fearlessness in expression
We spread joy, enthusiasm, and positive energy everywhere.
We favor long-term, sustainable growth over quick fixes.
We thrive on forging meaningful relationships
We’re devoted to continuous learning and improvement.
For us, it’s not all about revenue and sales. We’re passionate about being a centering force in people’s lives and helping them bring their vision to the world.

In a sea of mediocrity and underperforming agencies, we are your beacon.

We're not just about 'doing business', we're creating genuine, deep connections.

We go the extra inch for our clients ...
Prepare to have your expectations exceeded.

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“If you’re looking for someone with a deep passion/authenticity about themselves and their work, look no further. Ryan is someone who I had the pleasure of working with for a 7 month engagement. Ryan’s organization and patience is second to none. For me personally when choosing to work with someone they need to have the right energy and ability to execute and Ryan has both. He does an outstanding job and his vision for the future is both strong and well developed. Nothing but exciting things coming from this guy!”
Kosta Hantzis
“I have tremendous respect and admiration for Ryan. He’s a true professional with a rare mastery of the ability to understand, connect and lead people. Ryan is a world-class marketer, leader and operator, and someone I’m proud to know. I recommend him without reservation to anyone.”
Tim Highman
“Ryan is phenomenal at what he does, period. We collaborated on multiple projects and his level of dedication is truly remarkable. Can’t wait to accomplish more together!”
Joel B-Leblanc
“Ryan is a digital prodigy. He’s helped me with a number of projects and never ceases to amaze. He works hard, gets results, and is heaps of fun to work with. His mind is sharp, his energy is contagious, and his creative potential is limitless. Glad to have found him”
Robert Pillar
“Ryan Humphries was a joy to work with. His Marketing Agency helped me with my Business Consulting practice in ways that heavily drove traffic and growth to my business. It’s hard to find people who are good at what they do these days, but I’m glad to say there’s still a few people out there like Ryan I can count on. Digital Thrust is the push I needed and I highly recommend them to anyone struggling with marketing and growing their brand. Great work all around!”
Peter Haubrich
“Ryan has been working with the SEO baseball side of one of our baseball products we invented called Bat Speed Recon. Prior to Ryan’s help, we were completely unaware of of rankings and issues we were facing with our SEO. We have a great product but couldn’t seem to get people to the site, which was very frustrating!! We would absolutely recommend Ryan’s services. Do yourself (or your business) a favor and take it to the next level with Ryan and Digital Thrust Thanks so much Ryan. Couldn’t have done it without you man”
Corey Slinkard
“I worked with Ryan for an extended period of time on a project. From start to finish, he was extremely helpful and professional. It’s not every day you find someone that actually cares about the work they do. Beyond that, his energy is infectious and he’s very easy to work with. If you need help with your digital marketing, I highly recommend you speak with him.”
Jon Preston
“Ryan is one of those rare types that delivers more value than you’re expecting. Not only did he get more results than he set expectations for, he helped with other tweaks to the sales process than were lacking. He has a clear framework that makes working with him stress free and I didn’t have to worry because it was clear he knew what he was doing. I can very easily recommend him to anyone that needs help with their campaigns.”
Emily Hartfield
“The whole experience of working with Ryan and his team was top notch. I highly recommend his services. It’s extremely rare to find someone that over delivers and is enjoyable to work with. I’ll be working with him again in the future.”
Derek Standish
“Fantastic delivery and spot-on communication. Ryan and his team were outstanding. I’m very pleased with the results and we’ll absolutely be utilizing their services again. Thank you.”
Travis Bellwood
“Very pleased with delivery. Ryan delivered a campaign strategy on time with extremely in depth research and planning put into it. Without a doubt we made the right decision in working with him and will do so again without question.”
Jordan Whitmore

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